New Fediverse Project Fork

#Zap gets forked and gives birth to #Misty .
#Fediverse #ActivityPub #Zot


2020-08-10 04:05:10

> *Announce: Mistpark 2020*
> Mistpark 2020 (aka 'misty') release version 20-08-10.
> Available now.
> Details at

@xavavu @misty I am a bit confused how this fits together..

The code lives on at

But it seems to be mirrored to at

Then also at Codeberg I find the fork, at

Is that the correct repo location?

I want to update the watchlist at

@humanetech @xavavu @misty Codeberg is the relatively recent new main home of Zap code (and now Misty).

This was sometime after Framasoft announced that it may shut down Framagit:…

@xavavu thanks! I have updated the watchlist with the new repo link.

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