New Fediverse Project Fork

#Zap gets forked and gives birth to #Misty .
#Fediverse #ActivityPub #Zot


2020-08-10 04:05:10

> *Announce: Mistpark 2020*
> Mistpark 2020 (aka 'misty') release version 20-08-10.
> Available now.
> Details at

@xavavu @misty I am a bit confused how this fits together..

The code lives on at

But it seems to be mirrored to at

Then also at Codeberg I find the fork, at

Is that the correct repo location?

I want to update the watchlist at

The zap repository moved to codeberg a month or two ago. A mirror is being retained on framagit for 6 months or until framagit shuts down, whichever happens first. Framasoft announced some time ago that they planned to shut down their git service in 2020.

@mike @misty

We'd like to put Misty on the AP watchlist. Maybe you can give your preference where it should be and how it should be described. Same for Zap (already up there, I updated the repo URL).

Also same for Osada which we had recorded as 'Dead' but has recent commits now, on Codeberg.

Thanks in advance.


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You can file any of them under social networks or blogs or group apps or media hosting or events or "files, contacts, and calendars". Maybe cross-domain identity providers. Sorry that we don't fit into any neat little boxes.

All are public domain.


> Sorry that we don't fit into any neat little boxes.

Thx. No problem. There is no need to fit in any box, Mike ;)


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