The Social Dilemma is a great documentary. Will hopefully spread awareness about the issues with social media and surveillance capitalism.

Too bad that the official site has an illegal GDPR implementation with a dark pattern to accept Google tracking.

@markosaric I just saw it recommended on Netflix. Going to watch it based on your recommendation and ironic observation.

@jeremiahlee yeah, it's not bad. probably nothing new to you but useful i hope to get more non-techy people to be aware of the problems


@markosaric @jeremiahlee this Monday there is a nice panel discussion about

Might be worth watching if interested in the subject:

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@strypey @humanetech @markosaric @jeremiahlee As a US citizen I thought the message is more effective than the great hack is it pertains more to individuals in a society where the only thing that matters is "me." Many I know who watched the great hack didn't get anything out of it because the idea of hacking nations wasn't something they cared about as long as they could still go to disney and get their starbucks/etc.

@strypey @humanetech @markosaric @jeremiahlee The one spot that got me though was Shoshana Zubuff explaining the issue to be followed by Tristan Harris introducing and defining the term #SurveillanceCapitalism, a term she in fact coined. I mean, really? It takes the white male ex-Googler to define her signature contribution? That really rubbed me the wrong way.

@chris I said *the same thing* to my husband as we were watching it. 🙄

@jeremiahlee I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed it. Seems like the whole thing could have benefited from a better director

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