Social Cooling: The long-term negative side effects of living in a reputation economy.

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Just like film on Netflix it serves to make people directly aware of how social media might impact their personal life.

(Thanks to @tobi for providing the link)

@humanetech @tobi
Been trying to say it, the unattributed message model (imageboards w/ moderation) is the future.

@humanetech Am I the only one who finds it sort of hilarious that Netflix produced a documentary about Big Tech tracking and recommendation algorithms, when they participate in the same practices?

@jcgruenhage no you're not, ha ha. There is money to be earned, I guess, and if it can be combined with a good dose of ethics washing, all the better.

@humanetech @tobi This is related to what I've been saying recently about capitalism being a maximizer (in the AI safety sense).

It says "Privacy is the right to be imperfect". This is because a maximizer system strives for maximum perfection in the system, and thus imperfection is unacceptable. Unfortunately, what is being maximized is not in alignment with human values.

The capitalist system isn't a general AI, it's just that AI safety is widely applicable.

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