Hi Merveilles and Fedi!

After a tumultuous few months I can finally comfortably communicate via text again. It’s been a highly transformative time for me so the things I’m putting time and thought into have changed quite dramatically.

I’ve had to turn my attention away from politics, the software freedom movement, coding and teaching - i.e. basically all the major components of my life a few months ago.

All my focus right now is on health, psychology, physiology and all the moving parts that go into physical and mental health.

So the things I have to chat about will have almost nothing in common with what I had to say before. I’m not entirely sure how exactly I fit into the fedi now because of that, but let’s see what happens!


@freedcreative nice to have you back on the Fedi!

I think with the things you mention you might have some important things to tell fedi about, Kezz.

Would also like to pass you this link in case you missed it: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

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@humanetech Thanks! Both for the welcome and the share. 🙂

I’ve actually played a little bit with Talon and it is outstanding. I’m taking a break from dev in general at the moment but if / when I come back to it Talon will definitely be the way I do it.

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