Gitea allows you to login with and I would like to evaluate what the advantages are and how to set it up, both from client and server perspective (on gitea this last bit is in the docs).

All the information I come across just breathe "it's-complicated" and serve to confuse me.

What OpenID clients do you use, and do you use them to access , etc.?

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@humanetech My old provider seems to have vanished.

It used to be easy to set it up so users could log in, so I think "complicated" might mean little more than "basic understanding needed". End user complexity requires equivalent expertise to selecting a solid pod.

Not sure what you are looking for exactly.

@madnificent thank you.

This question stemmed from feedback I wanted to give on @hamishcampbell and the gitea repo has an sign in.

I wondered if by using that I wouldn't have to sign up with yet another new account (I am drowning in accounts).

If that's indeed the case I wondered, what preferrred FOSS software options I have as client to fill out in the URL field.

@humanetech @hamishcampbell AFAIR: it is a URL identifier for your identity, which is used as the basis for a redirect.

OpenID2.0 is obsolete now, but implementations at (more exist).

Google and Twitter, ... may still offer login through OpenID2.0 (only as identity provider).

Future-wise, OpenID Connect seems to support a similar flow which I'd love to see in and the fediverse!

Looking forward to thoughts from @hamishcampbell

@madnificent @humanetech good to understand this stuff :)

To highlight the security model for a is trust so we need tools that further this soft social solution and we need to not go down the deadend of hard technological solutions. We have had 10 years of crap on this subject, so good to be clear and focus on and good like mastodon and not on security thourter.

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