I created a new variation of our Pyramids of Humane Technology that depicts the two opposing pathways we people might walk together:

- A path of awareness and building humane technology solutions: A path towards Flourishing.

- A path of ignorance and increasing Big Tech domination and harms: A path towards Dystopia

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@humanetech try one on open social vs closed tecnical the is a good story to tell on this one for the last 10 years.

@hamishcampbell you mean create another diagram to demonstrate that concept?

@humanetech yep we have had near 20 years of hard in the trench fighting over open/closed as a modeal for social tecnolagy. has ripped menay good projects appart - the indymedia project being a good current example. you can see this in the silo and the network and how information flowes in each.

@humanetech mastodon is a play on this battle, it uses open but protendeds to be closed... probably why it has grown so fast. the power of open with the outreach of closed :)

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