Dear .. I need your help,

A wonderful tool is being developed by our member Tijmen.

(He's also the creator of that trended extremely well here on Fedi and on HN)

The tool needs to be translated to all European languages, and its a task that should only take a couple of minutes per translation.

Would you help with your contribution?

Here are instructions how you can:

Boosts appreciated!
Thank you 🙏

@humanetech Hi… I’m glad there is no trackers in the website but… I don’t understand why there are asocial/corporate media icons to “spread the word”…

@titi I didn't see them, but if they are there I guess it is for the purpose of reaching the broadest audience.

You could drop the creator a line of feedback about this. The contact email is on the site and for translations it is in the post on our forum.

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