This is absolutely crazy, but last month I helped my girlfriend with the #cooperathon, a canadian entrepreneurship contest. We tackled the challenge offered by the #Opera of #Montreal, who wants to bolster engagement with the artform. We ended up pitching an #ActivityPub powered collaborative audio editing platform called #Echoes and we actually ended up winning ! This is still early days, but I'm super excited about it.

@mathuin I just read the challenge summary and think it is a great idea that the use of #ActivityPub could be broadly applicable to collaboration in local arts in general. I know essentially nothing about collaborative audio editing, but I appreciate opera (closest venue is 150 km, however). Would you post your progress here so I can follow along?

@philvuchetich @mathuin yes, please post your progress. I co-maintain the watchlist, and once you start coding (assuming it is open source) I can add you to it. See:

(Also I gave a heads up to Merlijn Twaalfhoven ( ) in The Netherlands, who is building a strong movement of artists to reach out beyond the walls of musea and theatres, with very innovative approaches.)

@humanetech @philvuchetich We are planning on open sourcing it and we've been promoting it as such. Though discussions with the opera are at their infancy. I will post more here when weve had time to catch our breath and work on it a bit :P

The pitch is actually available online:

But I'll see if I can reupload it on peertube.


@mathuin love the idea! *Very* inspiring.. also a complex project, I can imagine.

Do you have ideas yet how to implement, e.g. programming language and maybe an foundation to build from?

Note, I plan on building on building some fedi apps too, starting with a project called Groundwork, implemented in on top of @cj

Groundwork should allow pluggable 'service module' extensions to specialize for specific use cases.


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