Get Fedi Hired: Go-Fed Site Redesign 

I'm looking to pay from the Go-Fed OpenCollective to update the go-fed website.

Both frontend & backend. design is "yep it has color". The backend is similarly a gigantic single golang template, a nightmare.

The only real constraint is "preserve the existing content". Site design color scheme may need to reflect logo rework.


The Open Collective

The Work Tracker

Boosts welcome. #hirefedi

Get Fedi Hired: Go-Fed Site Redesign 



Get Fedi Hired: Go-Fed Site Redesign 

@sl007 @trwnh

I might be able to help as well. I suggested earlier to @cj to set up a + GH Pages based on a nice template (maybe just-the-docs or something similar) and then adjust the look & feel + transfer the current content to Markdown docs.

But if you have different ideas for the implementation that would be fine as well. I have no real preference in that regard.

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