We should talk at some point about the ActivityPub lib that @karen has been working for @bonfire starting with whether you're interested in using and collaborating on shared code like that, and what your requirements would be...
See: https://gitlab.com/bonfire-ecosystem/activitypub

@mayel @rysiek @tcit @karen @bonfire I noticed the #CommonsPub project before I liked the idea of a general-purpose #ActivityPub server. Especially as it could serve as a base for more specific servers by having plug-in support etc. I see now that CommonsPub is being reactores into the Bonfire ecosystem. What does that mean? For the CommonsPub project in particular..


@stevenroose I see you are programming in Go. Note that there's also a based general-purpose project, namely go-fed.org

has an for funding projects based on its foundation. See: opencollective.com/go-fed-acti

I created an overview of what it offers.

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@humanetech I saw the stack outlined in talk at the AP conference online this year. Looks really cool! I'm nowadays more into Rust, but tbh having this infra existing in Go is really valueble. I think Go might even be a better choice for those kinds of open-source projects.

Why am I getting this mention? A nudge to give donations?


> Why am I getting this mention? A nudge to give donations?

Ha ha, well donations always welcome, I guess, but it is not my collective :D

I mentioned you because this is inline with the thread where you stated interest in general-purpose AP servers and inquired about project renaming.

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