Wouldn't it be great if joined the growing list of enabled apps?

I have described the use case of:

* Community has no boundary *

Depicting Discourse as-if it were built from the ground up with support.

Discourse-as-a-Fabric 😃

I've deliberately not described from perspective of Fedi integration, but sticking with the product.

WDYT? What can you add to this brainstorm? 🤔 🤯

See also:

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@humanetech I think the most depressing thing about the last 10-20 years of development away from open communication standards and platforms is that most people can't even imagine another way. The fact that someone needs to ask, and you need to enumerate, all the stuff in that post pains me :(
Good work, though.

@sparr yes, you are right. But we are about to change that as much as we can. I think that is the big advantage of being on the open-standards based fediverse: It allows you to think out-of-the-box about what is possible and inspires innovation of a new social web.

One thing people on fedi should try to do more is to think beyond "microblogging" and consider any application / business domain as a federation candidate (i.e. benefit from the Linked Data aspects that is based on).

@humanetech federated pickup/delivery food ordering and federated medical records hosting are things I think about

@sparr nice, very interesting! Grassroots campaign management for communities / foss / non-profits, etc. is where I'm thinking to start. Will also involve the concept of Community, and built upon a modular foundation.

Thinking of building off of which allows you to start with your own domain-specific vocabulary modelled as an extension. See attached image.

You can reach me at Matrix under if you'd like to chat.

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