@sl007 same to you, Sebastian, may it be magical and wonderful!

what are you up to this year? Tell everybody your exciting plans, if you'd like to share :)

@humanetech @sl007 I’m diving into the tildeverse and geminispace! For me the guiding principle right now is ”empowerment”; I want to look at ways fedizens, tildezens, and other netizens can take an active part in curating their experiences and building their own tools for interacting with their favourite spaces.

Oh .. Of course there's only so many chars in a toot to elaborate your coming adventures.

Have a look on and provide more detail and background to your 2021 plans!

Tell your story. We don't do TL;DR's in this thread:


@humanetech @sl007 lets make this year different - getting grassroots journalism into the is a good project for this lets do a online gathering on this soon :)


Just came across this in my feed. Interesting project, following!

One note though: while the website has a 'follow us on Mastodon' link at the bottom, the 'Help reinforce our message. Like, share and comment' section only lists (promotes!) Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, the very "dominant players, centralized walled gardens, and technology that does us harm" as listed in the 'Pyramid of Technology Alignment" paragraph just above it.

Similarly, I'm surprised there is a presence on:

- YouTube but not #PeerTube or #LBRY
- Facebook and LinkedIn but not #Diaspora or #Friendica
- Instagram but not #Pixelfed

If the goal is to 'combat' the walled gardens and dominant platforms that harm the internet and its users, surely this website should be prioritizing and actively promoting decentralized platforms like Mastodon and the rest of the #Fediverse?


Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for having a presence on all the popular proprietary platforms in order to reach the widest audience possible, but users of those platforms will never discover the free and open alternatives if they're not actively promoted by its proponents.

Just a thought! 🤔

@aerion ah yes, your are right in this, of course.

This website stemmed from before I was as much in the know and as passionate an advocate for Fedi as I am now. The community credo at the time was still on the lines of "Triggering a cultural awakening" with the general public, and hence all of the communication channels.

The website is now slated for a full overhaul for the Humanetech Translation Program:


A 2021 project :D

@aerion and a PS: our forum is on humanetech.com, but we are 100% independent of them, other than having the same goal of humane technology.

(I took over the forum when Center for Humane Technology had not time for community-building, and then founded Humane Tech Community on it)

Ah, OK, that makes sense 🙂

I don't know if I can be of any help with that project as I'm not a dev. I do have ideas on UI and UX design, however, even if it's only as feedback on a work in progress. Really do like the idea though, and am fully behind it.

@aerion very nice!

I don't know how much UI/UX will be involved. Maybe not too much, as we work from an existing Jekyll template. But there will be some involved. I encourage you to comment to the post, I'd appreciate it much.

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