YouTube2PeerTube - a bot to automatically YouTube channels to channels.

Check it out. Many people are not yet ready to get rid of YT due to network effects, etc. But you want to be prepared to make the jump at any time, right. And you want to help @peertube grow to great heights, of course :)

This bot by @mister_monster helps you do so with ease.

I just added it to Awesome Humane Tech and developer tools watchlist.

@humanetech @peertube @mister_monster I would just like a way to use a spare computer and bandwith to help instances in a torrent-like fashion. Maybe like select videos to download and help seed. Is this possible to do?

Peertube uses webRTC, so viewers share server load basically while they're watching.

I'm not sure if Peertube has some type of relay functionality or not, I don't believe what you're trying to do is possible. But you *can* host a Peertube server and make videos that aren't easy to find on Peertube available, and my tool enables you to do that with YouTube videos with ease.
@humanetech @peertube

@mister_monster @humanetech @peertube I don't have the time or knowledge to host my own instance, but I would definitely open a program and click a button to contribute some of my resources to the network.

What it would take to build this: a bot that takes video URLs, archives the video and pretends to be watching it over WebRTC. Seems simple enough, someone should build this, I might dive into it if someone hasn't done it already before I get around to it. You've come up with a wonderful idea!
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@mister_monster @humanetech @peertube is WebRTC fundamentally different from bittorrent? Like there's no way to drop a WebRTC video into qbittorrent or something?

I'm not entirely sure about that. WebRTC is basically bittorrent, but I'm not sure how a Peertube server handles tracking, so I'm not sure how you'd seed a video hosted on a Peertube server and viewers would know to connect to you as well as the main server. In theory it is possible but it really depends on Peertube's WebRTC implementation.
@humanetech @peertube

Actually, scratch everything ive said about this lol, looks like they implemented basically what you want to do in a recent update. you can run a Peertube server and "cache" videos for other servers, allowing your server to seed them for viewers. So yes, what you want to do can be done.
@humanetech @peertube

So this is an old feature? I've gone through the Peertube docs and never seen the feature until now. How long has it been documented?
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@mister_monster @rigelk @humanetech @peertube hm... so I have to pay for a domain name and figure out how to run a whole instance just to contribute my bandwidth/storage? That seems overly complicated.

You don't have to, it is just the best way to integrate from the perspective of compatibility with HLS and performance-wise.

If you want a simpler setup, you can always seed individual resolutions of a few videos via a WebTorrent-capable torrent client.
@mister_monster @humanetech

@rigelk @mister_monster @humanetech Thank you for the replies!

Do you know of a web torrent capable client that won't gank my system resources? I started searching for one, but usually people that are involved with related projects will know about things that are suppressed through websearch in favor of SEO tweakers

@PestToast i'm with you on this one. I know BitTorrent and Peertube are not the same swarm but I guess some BitTorrent client may be able to download and seed a video given the good magnet (not the download magnet I guess).

It should definitly be explained in the Peertube doc

@humanetech @peertube

Already mentioned in the FAQ: WebTorrent-only videos can be seeded by a WebTorrent-capable client.
@PestToast @humanetech @peertube

@rigelk sorry, I have read the FAQ twice... before finding the other FAQ you are talking about.

So @PestToast the answer is no, you can't help the stream with a bittorrent client, see

@lutindiscret @rigelk ok, so WebRTC is a different protocol from bittorrent, but I guess it was inspired by bittorrent and works kind of the same way? I'm still a little unclear on that.

This is actually a phenomenal idea though now that I think about it, especially on a federating network, maybe something like hash addressing videos and allowing duplicates to share server load, kind of like what IPFS does. You should go to framagit and put in a feature request if they don't have something like this planned already.
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@mister_monster @PestToast @peertube

You might check out ERIS, which is being researched by @pukkamustard as part of the project:

@cj started evaluating in here (for future use in maybe), and there may be more impls underway.

This is very interesting. Sounds a lot like IPFS? I'd be interested in knowing how it differs.
@PestToast @peertube @pukkamustard @cj

@PestToast @humanetech @peertube @mister_monster

you can get the magnet link for materials hosted on peertube instances and seed them with your regular bittorrent software

@abbienormal @humanetech @peertube @mister_monster yea, but apparently that won't help with handling the bandwidth strain from people watching through a web browser

@PestToast @humanetech @peertube @mister_monster

that's a pity

I wonder why this is

I see the peertube instance acts as a tracker

so I guess webrtc based nodes do use a tracker

I wonder where's the difference

@humanetech a great way to see how far people can go without the Goog providing free storage (and with Peertube handling CDN duties).

@peertube @mister_monster

> Check it out. Many people are not yet ready to get rid of YT due to network effects

Correct sentence is: Are not ready to get rid of YT due to monetization.

"In 2020, YT has paid more than $30 Billions to creators."

this sentence also is not correct:

"in 2020, YT has paid more than $30 Billions to uploaders."

@humanetech @peertube @mister_monster

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