I made the mistake of following topics like "Technology" and "Web development" over on the birdsite and now my feed there is full of "insightful quotes" and "pithy statements" and other stuff I don't need. Every time they try curation it's just useless.

I'd love to see what community-based, federated curation could look like, where I can follow a topic curated by people whose judgment I trust.

@eloquence is there already some project working on the idea of federated curation?

@JohanEmpa There's probably some cool stuff happening in #ActivityPub land but I've not seen it yet. To some extent I feel the fediverse is still aping old patterns (which often don't work well -- the "Trending Now" section in Mastodon has largely been pointless for me) instead of creating new ones.


@eloquence @JohanEmpa the common mistake is that people when mentioning immediately think 'Microblogging', while its much more that that.

I wrote about this in:


And in category I'd like ppl to start broader discussions to explore the possibilities:


Btw, there are already quite a bunch of different types of applications, slowly integrating into ..


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