There's BigPharma
There's BigAg
There's BigTech

But is there a way the say specifically #BigSocial, ie. a way to describe the #SocialMediaGiants (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube specifically) in three syllables or less?

We don't feel comfortable using a term like #BigSocial, it just doesn't have the negative connotation that is needed.

Maybe the term "#dotcons" is the one to use…

Watch this space @humanetech, @nestort, @drq et al.

Thanks but seven syllables is too much. Not snappy enough.

Writing… copy. *winks*
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Dictionary: Not social; unconcerned with society or social matters.

Dictionary: Having or showing a lack of desire for the company of others. Not social; not adapted to society; not tending to sociability; reserved; unsociable.

We like #VanityWeb, might be useful for some situations. Terms that center around #AntiSocialMedia, like UnsocialMedia are good but still too long.

Maybe #Fakebooks is more specific/better than dotcons.

The line is either, "Protect your family from the dotcons…"


"Protect your family from the fakebooks…"


1. Find a Fediverse server you like (…)"
2. …
3. …

BTW which is more understandable to the lay person, 'server' or 'instance'?

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Almost forgot BigData:
"Protect yourself and your loved ones from Big Data…"

"Social (control) Media" is too long for the line.

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'Big Data' is too cold, not witty (#puns are extremely important in #headings/#headlines to engage the #reader) doesn't cover the censorship aspects either.

Fakebooks has dual meaning but does it *read* well enough?

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The base of the problem we need to build our stores is the last 40 years of neo-liberalism. this was built on top of "capitalism" which the is little consensus about when push comes to shove so i build the story from #deathcult to spread (unpleasant) understanding as common consensus. to take the "politics" out of communication is to make noise and say little...


> to take the "politics" out of communication is to make noise and say little...

This is not necessarily true. One can also show an alternative path, and make easier for others to walk it. A path of solution-orientation and -application, delving and expanding on the many, many great initiatives that are out there.

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@humanetech @dsfgs @nestort @drq Form my expirence of doing this for a very long time - if you take the "politics" out you fail - though I agre with you its hard to run projects with "polatics" at the core - its the ONLY way that works in the end :)


If you have initiatives that do not deal with politics directly, it does not mean that they do not stand to benefit from other initiatives that *do* deal in politics.

It both frees the initative, allowing more time to build solutions, and is able to appeal to more people.

On the other hand the more radical your politics are, the less people are inclined to follow you. In a way it slows you down, even if the goals are just and worth fighting for.

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I am mostly into infrastructure and, while my political profile is rather well-pronounced, people will use composting toilets even made by an anarcho-cooperatist...

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That is because the product itself - the composting toilet - has no politics attached to it. People from all walks of life may value it, because they see where our environment is trending towards.

Print "Extinction Rebellion" on the lid and you will only see a subset of actual prospects become buyers.
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To be honest you can never grisly separate things from the political realm. Politics is life.

If you go about your day not questioning you leaders, you are committing a political act of furthering their agenda whether we agree or disagree.

Installing the composting toilet is political, you are disengaging from the sewage network.

Bitcoin is apolitical, but adopting it is a political act, against the cantillionaire and banker class.

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Well, it is a matter of definition then. And we're aligned in our thinking. Yes, you adopt a political stance, and from then on you live by it, out of conviction.

Like, you embrace the concept that hypercapitalism is the "rot of humanity".

On that premise the solution-oriented initiative can be set up, without fighting hypercapitalism *head-on* on a day-to-day basis

All activity in building solutions then is along a non-hypercapitalist path forward

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Would add #nothingnew as a medating force for a good outcomes in reaction to the #geekproblem

I used to be attacked and #blocked a lot for trying to get people to do "new things" #KISS things that are anti-commonsense in relation to the #deathcult

#blocking is mediated in a good way by #nothingnew it gives no grip for #stupidindividualism agenders to block.

I have "better ideas" answer #nothingnew

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