Rethinking and the Role of the

Yes that's a grand title, dear fedizens :)

With on I encourage all of you to think about bigger pictures and roles fedi can play in them.

With the enormous rise in popularity of we should think to what extent fediverse is applicable. Are we mostly Microblogging++ or can our tech be a true backbone to society?

Think out-of-the-box, join forum discussion. Boosts welcome..

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You've only got to look at the current Facebook vs Australian government spat to see how woven into the fabric of society a social media platform can become.

And we know that the #fediverse doesn't come with the significant disadvantages of the established giant platforms.

Governments, schools, etc. absolutely ought to be self hosting.

@mark agreed. Yet at the moment we don't *really* have a very good story to tell to those governments and schools, atm.

Federation and among different domains, diverse systems is still highly complex, and we lack good approaches in terms of onboarding, methods + procedures and even tech support to make that easier yet.

:) You're right, of course. But if an institution, for even a moment, *thought about* how dependent it was upon big tech, surely they would look to see if an alternative solution was available.

Perhaps the recent Facebook events (WhatsApp ToC and Australia) serve to highlight the precarious nature of putting data in others' hands, and about how impotent the 'user' actually is to do anything about the decisions big tech makes.

@mark all true.

But if an institution right now would knock on door and ask "So, how do we decentralize our stuff?" first of all there's no real door to knock on other than and hoping some devs will find time and interest to hop in.

Then the answer would be "It is very complex" and follow-up maybe "You can study this codebase to see how they federate".

It might be enough to discourage and look at some other more comprehensive technology.

lol - Just how far down the rabbit hole am I? I'm not a techie, but I know about, and am grateful to be able to take advantage of the #fediverse.

Surely people in IT would know about self-hosting options? Institutions who have a need to communicate with the outside world, generally have some sort of tech budget. Is the tech/finance really that prohibitive to get a feed up?

@mark it depends what you want to achieve.

highlights much broader applicability than what fedi is currently used for: mostly microblogging.

Setting up that feed is not all that hard. But federating an education platform and e.g. integrating with administration back-end for a school, is a whole different story.

Devs involved in that would set out on adventure quest with dragons, deamons and, yes, also treasure chests if they do it right.

Less quest, more purpose is needed.

So... If an institution wanted a feed, then Pleroma/Mastodon or Matrix.

If they needed to do file sharing, etc. then they could use something like Nextcloud... That's easy enough to set up too. (It must be, because even I managed it!)

@mark Nextcloud is an example of a project that tries to make a more seamless integration between different applications. That is a good example of how things can be more tightly knit together.

The potential of technology (which is based on ) is to take these integrations much further (easing the story for people to add capabilities independently of others).

:) I look forward to seeing how things develop.


> a true backbone to society

This is exactly what I see: a self-organized interoperable social cloud.

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