Terribly annoying. In The Netherlands there was no common word for 'vidcall' and now everyone is using 'zoom'.

People of NL and elsewhere, "zoom" is what a camera does, and otherwise it is a freaking brandname of a unicorn big tech corp.

Unfortunately its too late. Same as with 'google'. Tbh, competitors don't make things easy here: "I ducked it for you" or "Just duckduck it, man" .. meh.

@humanetech but if there's a proper word that was used before I guess it's worth fighting for its reinstatement.
For instance, instead of "google it", "search for it" is really not such a big effort...

yeah, guess that would be the easiest 'return to normal'.

Never used the word zoom. People usually say 'ik ben in een call' which just translates to 'i'm in a call'.

@humanetech The verb used to be "skypen", which is to say: it can change.

But also, I don't mind so much. I use "appen" to refer to sending a message on Signal, and am happy to use "zoom" to refer to a Jitsi call. At some point people don't even think of the name with the brand it originally referred to, like Luxaflex.

@vinnl @humanetech

Yes, some do... For some odd reasons... I would strongly disagree that all "people" have this defect. Imagine a world where we constantly communicate in brand names, e.g. saying 'Beckers' instead of 'slaughterhouse waste'. :) I actively interrupt people when they discuss with me in that way, and expect from them to either stop that, or I leave the conversation (in a friendlier and more polite way than that, though).

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