Did you know about the 💖 wonderful humanetech decision made by @dansup for ?

Such a hopeful move for as a playground and innovation space for humane technologists.

Just quoted it in a post to the new related Lemmy space I created yesterday:

But here are the original toots:

@humanetech @dansup "Addicting user engagement tricks and deception patterns are shunned by the community."

Sweet summer child.

@dansup @humanetech There are two use cases for social media:

1) showing something social you've done like music or hanging out with friends, and

2) trying to do something social, embedded in the platform.

Capitalist social media have actively profiled, targeted, and engineered the latter use case to optimize for engagement, e.g. abuse users, but also to tailor and harden this abuse so they can't mitigate this abuse by reading books (social media are engineered to destroy their sustained attention) or by meeting people AFK (lack of moderation, blatantly intentional in the case of Twitter, turns users into trolls).

Mastodon just wants to make the latter use case safer, which is honorable. But social media have never been about this. If you want to be social as something embedded in the software you use (and not as something you show on the internet), you're looking for chat software. Or multiplayer games, like Among Us, or lykos.

@dansup @humanetech For this reason, let aside that Mastodon's notifications are an implementation of the BSR mechanism, and that as a Twitter clone there are dark patterns, in order to prevent deception patterns the "welcome on Mastodon" tutorial should mention that it isn't meant to be used alone, that users should socialize with other software like what I've mentioned above.

Above everything, Mastodon fails at providing actual communities. On ActivityPub as a whole, there will always be a large margin of users gravitating around communities which maybe don't want them in them.

The whole discourse problem on the fedi seems to be a reaction to the nature of social media to push users fitting to the latter use case to troll each other. Which is why Twitter users fitting to the former use case get on their high horse about online hate. Sorry for digressing, my Parliament is trying to censor the internet with this pretext so ridiculous I (someone who wants to develop software making people happier) feel insulted.

@ged @dansup @ged @dansup interesting. Social media indeed trends that way.

With#SocialMediaReimagined we still have a long road ahead. Term "community" is important and I discuss a Community has no Boundary paradigm on SocialHub.

Also currently we still have 'siloed' apps (in functionality) that then federate together. What would full interoperability look like? Towards more of the fabled mashups, task- and domain-orientation.

Focused on true social interaction: Online extends real-world.

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