@activitypub and TBL's complement each other. community is also the place to ask about on which is based.

But there are things that worry me about the tech. It's commercially driven from Inrupt, the community is not actively engaged. This is not good for the movement.

Solid was also strangely positioned, and e.g. on Hacker News never well-understood.

For I've voiced my concern. See:

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@humanetech @activitypub I have always looked at this project as too topdown to have any affect. what ideas did you find?

@hamishcampbell @activitypub

I agree. You should separate the community and the project here, as they are not tightly bound together.

There's enthusiastic people in the community doing nice things. But they are neglected, not involved in the project. The project organization is all boards and governance, very formal.

There are cool project that combine with Solid, such as and .. but FOSS has a hard time if ignored. I address that + a call for action.

@humanetech @hamishcampbell @activitypub I've got the impression that solid at the same time too ambitious and not ambitious enough.

Solid is just accepting that the internet is run by large corps and is just about protecting users' data better, and expecting corps to adopt it.

Whereas the kind of decentralization (not blockchain) the world needs breaks the corp silos and gives users ownership of both the data and the tools, i.e. #smalltechnology

@ttiurani @humanetech @activitypub that's a good summing up of my feeling, its asking power for change which is always a failed stratagem - lets all be reasonable is a bad model for actual social change/challenge.

@ttiurani @humanetech @activitypub as a standerd is intresting/atractive for the and becouse of the that is the communerty of people who use it. this is a commnuerty that currently has no voice.

@hamishcampbell @ttiurani @humanetech @activitypub I don't think solid is going anywhere. I tried reading the specs a while ago, mistakenly thinking that because this is TBL's baby it would be the most highly specified thing you could imagine. But turns out the specs were almost entirely TBA, and TBL is really just a wooly "vision guy" not into details.

ActivityPub has been a success despite of W3C, not because of it. Hitching your wagon to something which is just a corporate consortium is always going to come with a top down agenda.

@bob @ttiurani @humanetech so to sum this up we don't think is going anywhere, so we should not talk about it at the event and stick to which has an active community and wide implementation. We talked about this in the video prep meeting to keep a clear focus and hope of a positive outcome.

@redchrision @NGIZero

I trust you all to decide on the relevance of mentioning or not SOLID. I'm +1 either way, just let me know in advance about your decision so it's updated on the slides in time. Thank you again for all the help given so far! :)

@redchrision hi Cristina :)

Alex Bourlier from Startin'blox has hopped on the EC discussion offering help. Their product is combined AP + Solid.

I leave final decision for time allocation to @how

Missed their socialhub presentation, but their project looks interesting.

@bob @ttiurani @humanetech @redchrision @NGIZero

Am finding it hard to come up with people who would be good to outreach @activitypub to the Eurocrats in a way that would be true to the and helpful to them. Ideas please?

@hamishcampbell @bob @ttiurani @humanetech @redchrision @NGIZero I'm not really a fan of Eurocrats, so you're on your own with that.

I expect that the Eurocrats will be trying to achieve more independence from Silicon Valley and the industrial espionage which that facilitates, but they will also want top down control within their own fiefdom and so won't favour solutions which are coming from non-institutional sources. They will be looking at questions such as who can we gain leverage over vis a vis this or that technology choice. Who is "legible" to the Eurocracy, etc.

@bob @ttiurani @humanetech the first presentation went well, next one on the 26th i think. So we might have a big burocracey dipping its toe into the fedivers... am curease how this goes i imagedn some backlash and some exceptence. where the value lies am not soure, good to try these things though.

@hamishcampbell @bob @ttiurani @humanetech The EU can have their instances if they want. Probably I'd block them, just like I'd block the UK government if they put up an instance.

I notice in other forums that people are interested in replicating the same hierarchical command-and-control structures which have brought so much trouble. I don't think that's a good way to go.

@bob @ttiurani @humanetech tell us more about the "hierarchical command-and-control structures" as its a hot subject.

@hamishcampbell @bob @ttiurani yes, I'd be curious to hear more about that too, if you care to elaborate.

This project promises to change to world, yet I've not seen someone actually use it. It also promises a lot of theoretical stuff yet not much of it is implemented in practice, or at least it feels such.

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