Grassroots nature and are key success factors of .. but they also come with weaknesses.

Fedi is still a brittle flower, and the techbase it stands on is developed ad-hoc. Fragmented across projects & groups we create custom app extensions. is on case-by-case basis, with few deep integrations across different app domains.

We must foster more cooperation, inclusive and growing community, advocacy at so we can go next-level.

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We have an ongoing discussion about community empowerment and @activitypub plus at the community.

We want to be firmly on the path towards

Do you help with that?
Boosts appreciated :)

@humanetech "forcing things" are old worn-out ways. We need a stable community that builds stable solutions. and this community will build itself at its own pace. i agree that the community may grow, but without pressure. and i think each of us needs some time to get comfortable with the technology. When we let go, things happen!

thanks. Forcing is way too much. Encouraging, fostering and even letting more people know that SocialHub even exists..

@naturzukunft my take on the

Grassroots, anarchism-flavored culture of is most furtile ground for creative ideas and innovation in the tech landscape to arise.

However for our social fabric to reach full potential ever deeper levels of integration and are required, complexity increases. We want these to be and open standards.

Community empowerment for tight cooperation between technologists then becomes a requirement. If not present, we stall or fail.

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