Dear and especially and tech enthusiasts amongst you ..

At we're preparing a great event in the form of two webinars and a workshop in April, for representatives of the European Commission.

The topics are and within the EU.

Interest for the event came from EC itself, who via @NGIZero - funder of many great AP projects - approached SocialHub to organize.

You can help prepare and certainly join the Event!

If you are interested in helping, or want to suggest topics for discussion, then we invite you to join as a member.

This event is a great opportunity for evolution. The EC/EU itself is interested in making a move towards and pursues a set of values of being more respecting with and as principles.

We can help them get there!


Part of the workshop will be focused on bringing to the

The just laid out their digital targets for 2030

Per 4 years they set their strategy

And for upcoming legislation i.e. EU Digital Services Act they look for standards, and we promote @activitypub for that in our SIG.

All this is where our align.


@humanetech @activitypub @NGIZero Would be very cool if successful. Working in the Brussels bubble, I do see some things moving at different parts of the Commission, which is nice to see (e.g. Commission-wide adoption of Matomo, Drupal). Still long way to go, esp. in legislation (thinking e.g. of FOSS in public procurement).


@keunes @activitypub @NGIZero

has support, and is also mentioned in the presentation for the event. It is one of the drivers for the enthusiasm of the EC to investigate the further.

It is great to hear they are also focusing on supporting other alternatives for big tech services, such as @Matomo

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