Yesterday in a preparation call for the and events for the European Commission (starting 19 April) I realized that I had been promoting a wrong slogan and hashtag for the vision of

Instead of "Social Media Reimagined" we should adopt "Social Networking Reimagined".

'Networking' is both broader - @activitypub allows any app domain to be integrated - and has direct connection to the real world of networks, which in seamlessly extends online.

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@humanetech I think people usually don't care if it's a network. Form them it's a medium like any other, to express themselves. No matter the form it takes. But it's important to have the distinction at hands, when people tend to blend in the one with the other.

Yet network may have another meaning than in German; here that word Netzwerk would be understood too literally, and make you profoundly think of fishing. A Medium is something I can relate to, something I can mobilise according to will.

@yala hmm yes. locale-specific different meanings are unfortunate.

is stronger as slogan and rallying cry, but it also sells the short in a way.

Most ppl when hearing immediately think of Facebook and Insta et al. This while a huge strong point of - one of its primary "USP's" - is the fact that arbitrary application domains can integrate and interoperate in a seamless social fabric (at least in theory.. that's part of )

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