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Thanx for that. Libretranslate has an issue with not warning before setting cookies, however a bigger one using google fonts, which then require manually to be blocked/turned off for user tracking.

The site also loads much slower than the two others due to loading external code from cloudflare and jsdliver.
Probably will use a non-tracking one for future translations. Thank you, and to the coders especially.

@sandycorzeta thank you.

The only project I can find is plugins.trac.wordpress.org/bro

And it has not been touched for 8 years, so I don't think it is a candidate for the list, atm, if this is the project you were refering to.

@humanetech@mastodon.social Good to know that you loved it. Thanks too for the comprehensive curated list of yours about privacy and other stuff. I find it fascinating and gonna have a read several of them in my spare time.

@sandycorzeta @humanetech @lutindiscret Completely agree with this. It's a great project for users that like simple frontends without javascript.

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