So you have this static site generator and want to describe for non-technical users how to do a pull request of markdown content ( here).

Surprisingly hard to find an existing page that explains this crystal-clearly without all kinds of unnecessary complex stuff, and even harder to find such page that doesn't have a gazillion trackers on it.

Nigh impossible.. find a page that does not assume that you use for this.


Any technical writers with some contrib time to spare?

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@humanetech I would be happy to finally understand the lingo. It seems to have potential.


Documenting is a very good way to learn. At it looks like there's no end-user manual, and there's opportunity to create one.

Right now the docs have perspective of someone installing & administering a gitea server, e.g. Pull Request page looks like this:

has a good page, though for non-technical use it may be further simplified.

@humanetech Hmm I just use hugo for the generator, a few cron jobs, and a self hosted nginx setup. All of which are centered around a gitlab repo I manage but it's easily portable to gitea with a few adjustments.

@10leej yea, I use both and . But the basic steps to perform that are absolute no-brainers for techies, are intimidating and high barriers for non-technical people to contribute.

That's why e.g. centralized SaaS absolutely flourishes (self-hostable Netlify CMS is usable, but lacking just enough to make you want the SaaS services).

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