I joined in 2018 and it was just one of plenty channels to use for Humane Tech Community to spread our msg of fighting tech harms and promoting solutions that improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society.

But I fell in love with fedi and use it in mixed personal / community way. I spend a lot of time at advocating for and fedi.

I see us as Spiral Island, building archipelago's and our as playground for Humane technologists.

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@humanetech Haven't heard of Spiral Island before. I wonder if it's a good idea to put so many plastic bottles into the water, given that they will all eventually drift away after a storm or two. Hopefully, Fedi foundation will be much more solid and healthy :D (Sorry for the offtopic, I'm partial to artificial islands and their stories)

@lightone what appealed to me was turning trash to treasure. These bottles were alread dumped into the environment. Symbolically I saw them as chunks of 'bad tech', now turned into good use on the Fediverse.

Strength to withstand storms was another good symbolism. If we don't put enough bottles together and tie them together strongly, then hurricanes of Big Tech and otherwise will destroy our still small archipelago.

Anologies only go so far, but given a good foundation we can build anything!

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