Since a number of great project in the Hospitality Exchange community is considering a move to the and implementing federation in their platforms, I created a Lemmy post in for people to brainstorm exciting ideas on the subject.

Check it out and participate at:

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@humanetech This is what we were talking about for months now. Would be super cool for this to happen, and mighty relevant ;).

@tio indeed. It would be lovely to get people involved in the brainstorm and then follow-up on community to help turn them into reality.

The best way would be to have some commonality between all these platforms that can be standardized on (similar to what we have for microblogging now), so they don't become separate apps that stand each on their own.

@humanetech Yes. I see this kind of tools as fediverse touching down the offline realm :). Lemmy, Friendica, Mastodon, Peertube, and so forth are digital tools. They live in the digital world. Couchsurfing-like apps will allow people to physically go places and meet other people. I also see another implementation in "sharing". Like websites were people can share stuff, and if they get federated they can allow us to create our own local nodes that talk to other nodes, thus decentralizing the sharing of physical goods.
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