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The creator of Liberapay actually opened this as an issue because they didn't want to just offer Stripe and Paypal. If people have better alternatives, Liberapay is literally asking you to tell them:


Apparently a big part of the problem is that almost no payment systems offer normal currencies globally, Paypal and Stripe are AFAIK the only two?

Most alternatives are only available in certain regions.

@setto @cadadr @FediFollows @rysiek @Liberapay @sjb I will make a comment on there soon. I also wanted to share this open source payment gateway. I’m not sure if any of you are developers, but maybe you know someone that can get some use out of an open source alternative unipaygateway.com/reduce-proce


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Great. I added Comradery for inclusion to curated list.


I couldn't find source at UniPay, btw. If anyone has more funding-related resources, please add them to the issue. I am a bit behind in maintaining the list, but every entry I encounter, I record.

Delightful project is for FOSS, Open Data and Open Science related resources.


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@humanetech @weirdwriter @setto @cadadr @FediFollows @rysiek @Liberapay @sjb Great list, but I had to suggest an addition there.

I'm excited that the IETF has standardized payto: URIs! So is GNU Taler! They'll work in my browser engines, provided you've got a banking app installed.

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Oh wow, thanks. That is delightful. The other day I tooted about Stripe with their Payment Links where I did not see mention of this.


Either they'll ignore this draft, maybe even when it becomes standard and adopted, or they intend to have such a market position at that time to be top dominator (hiding stuff deep in a SDK or something).

@humanetech I definitely hope Stripe at least adds support for payto: as a payment source. Going beyond that might be on the banks... Or cryptocurrency...

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@humanetech Heads up: “ethical ads” supports AdblockPlus’s “acceptable ads” which finds tracking (a la Google, Facebook, etc.) acceptable. There’s nothing ethical about that. (Saw it on your list.)

@aral thanks for that. I already had my doubts on the entire category. Just removed it from the list.

Still thinking of a good way to format the README. My thinking was to give the best options a prominent table-like description, and just briefly mention other entries.

Something like Paypal - often used - has no place on the list, but may consider including popular options e.g. Patreon. Then it is up to the individual where they feel comfortable.

@humanetech Thanks. And yeah, perhaps categories? (Mainstream — “these aren’t ideal but you may have to use them”… Stopgaps – “not perfect but better than the mainstream” … Alternatives – “ethical alternatives” … Keep an eye on – “may not be ready for use for promising” etc.)

@aral yes, that is a good idea, something like that and then with traffic light colors (e.g. orange --> blue --> green).

Added a comment to the formatting issue: codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de

Thanks 😃

@humanetech Neat. I’d only say if you’re going to use traffic colours, use the actual ones and also make sure you’re differentiating by more than just colour (for the sake of accessibility) ;)


Yeah, chose these colors because red doesn't make too much sense. Communicates "don't use" so why would I add them :)

For sure will have text with the colors, for accessibility. Thanks!

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