Here on Twitter we're never alone, and we always are, because we're not with the 4M people that use #Mastodon.

Think of the conversations we're not having because Twitter doesn't federate.

Please join me in my request for @Twitter to fully adopt #ActivityPub, boost or retweet.

@flancian my personal opinion is that, should this happen, it would be a killer to all that makes beautiful right now.

We're so not ready to cope with such a move as yet. The community where fedi standards are developed is tiny, and everyone is distracted by their own projects rather than evolve tech foundation their projects depends upon.

We have a slogan .. the latter we have, the former we lack. Another slogan needs unity.

@humanetech I think I respectfully disagree. I think the [[fediverse]] must look outward and be welcoming, and that complexities aside an integrated Twitter beats a walled garden Twitter by far.

I'm willing to personally contribute to making integration costs lower for smaller communities, though.

@humanetech ("complexities aside" here means "after taking complexities into consideration").

@humanetech what's the best available plan for a truly planet-scoped fediverse? I see the fediverse as the One Global network, a social [[interlay]] -- if the fediverse doesn't want to be that, we're sorely in need of building that in any case.

@flancian I think the issue is not what the fediverse ambition is, it is more like what the current reality is. There is no plan and everyone goes their own way. Loose sand. Specs stalled, apps diverging.

That's why SocialHub community collab is important.

Best-case scenario with Twitter would be adding an ActivityPub proxy and leave it at that. But if they'll decide to go all-in and it also attracts the corporate world.. then current fedi culture is done, or pushed in the fringe.

@flancian but I share the overall vision. We have two slogans at SocialHub: and

I created on SocialHub and Lemmy to think about what it means and how to get there.

@humanetech thank you kindly, I've been meaning to engage more with the community and I sort of didn't know where! This is amazing.

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