I might not be the best person to give advice on development, but I do think experienced AP devs should be doing more to help mentor new projects and developers for the sake of the .

I'll never forget the times that @Gargron boosted my early Pixelfed posts, but I feel like we're not in that era anymore.

Don't be afraid to ask for help, or be intimidated by follower counts.

We all started something from nothing, and the real ones don't let ego define them 😉


@dansup @Gargron

Right on! In addition I feel that community - where technologists come together to evolve the open standards - is the best place to direct such questions to.

Better than toot threads, which are fleety and easily missed, the community forum is best for long-form discussion and serves as knowledgebase + archive.

Best-practice IMHO: Always point people to SocialHub -->


Another easy thing to do is tag the @activitypub group.

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@dansup @Gargron @activitypub

I found there is so much focus on individual apps, where great things are done, but little effort goes into standards development and community work to evolve the ecosystem at large.

Fragmentation occurs, things are stalling, grinding to a crawl. It worries me, as fedi is still weak, but has great untapped potential.

There's win-wins for devs here!

I wrote an analogy for where we stand: That of Spiral Island which must withstand storms.


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