An opportunity for Golang devs to work on a great FOSS project with funding: Bringing Gitea to the Fediverse with ActivityPub support and the ForgeFed protocol

@sl007 LOL I'm not sure I'm a Godfather in either sense of the word (mafia, religious).

Unfortunately I can only offer the same kind of consultative support I offered Owncast folks, as my work in improving apcore and playing with datashards eats up my FOSS time.

I would also rather the money go to folks that are not me.


@cj @humanetech

well, let's say avenger of golang :)
Spread it to go-friends …

@humanetech @hecanjog maybe potential fedi work you might be interested in since you are working with Go?

@liaizon thanks for thinking of me! Seems like they're looking for someone who has experience implementing the ActivityPub protocol already though (it would make the most sense!)

Keep me in mind if you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel though. 😉

@hecanjog @liaizon

There are very little people with Go experience and knowledgable with ActivityPub too (the fedi dev community is but tiny). If you are interested I'd just have a chat with @dachary and @cj

Also the libraries make a bunch of the heavy lifting a lot easier, and there are other federated projects to get inspiration from.

@humanetech Ok, makes sense! I'm not seeking paid work at the moment so I'm more active on smaller volunteer projects I can squeeze in here & there... I've also never tried gitea fwiw!

@liaizon @dachary @cj

@rob @liaizon @hecanjog @humanetech @cj Good for you 👍 Spread the word, please, boost and toot: someone will find the time I'm sure.

I built git and ssh  servers that are federated, for example you can use git over ssh with your mastodon account.

but have have not worked on a web front-end. It will be interesting to see how they handle federation.

@wago I would love to read what you've done 👍 Is there a publicly available URL to get more information? Sounds ✨

Maybe I posted a thread on this site ( about it. I can publish my work, I just haven't taken the time to do it. The way it works is you public key is posted on your federated user info .well-known content. I modified dropbear ssh server to only accept Ed25519 signature keys, instead of authorized keys file it pulls from  and allow git commands. So, it's impossible to get shell access.   But you're git username would be something like '' or whatever. which is kinda weird but it needs the user@domain to poll the published .well-known user info and get the public key.

That works. What I needed was a web based interface, so a user could add team members access to their project. If you just log into the git you can push your files to your repo but not push to other people's. You can do pull requests. But there should be some kind of authorization for that, kind of like adding a contact "friend" in Zap or Hubzilla or Mastodon, you know so people can control if others can post to their page, or whatever. Maybe they want to allow everyone on earth to do a pull request or maybe they want people to ask for permission first.  I was looking at Gitlab which is seriously complex IMHO and Gitea. Or maybe a plugin to Zap, or something. I just haven't gotten around to that part. :)

(Later I noticed it's probably possible to just make a script and use authorized_keys file in OpenSSH, it can call a script instead of using static entry. Maybe that's a better way. I'd have to check it out.)

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