@humanetech Yeah ad-based social media clearly don't seem optimized to follow the news or to keep in touch with your loved ones. (Note to my past self: for the latter there's a lovely network protocol called GSM.)

Catchy, short messages. Facebook's composition screen with a white frame in a black window (the "wall" is darkened when the cursor is in this white box). Twitter's 280 characters limits. French private television channels removing frames and entire scenes from imported shows.

A signal/ads ratio as low as possible. "When someone watches TF1 for 2 hours, it's 2 hours of brain time I sell for Coca-Cola." – Martin Bouygues, CEO of France's most watched TV channel.

Bubble filters, laugh/love/angry reacts, unmoderated Facebook groups. Stealing people's time, eroding their sense of self-dignity, and having "privacy" scams like ProtonMail advertize on your platform. Now their money's being stealed, with a "foot-in-the-door" approach: have a free account, but with limited storage; have a paid account, with 5 free aliases and 1 domain name included. Want more? Pay more. Have a 20% ProtonVPN bundle. Oh look, for 5€ more (discounted to 4€) _per month_ you can have extra security features like Secure Core (lol) and Tor access. Predating on users' lack of sense of self-dignity to erode it with money. Now real-life predators come in play. You don't give value to your time or your money, why would you give some to your studies? To your loved ones? To your agency? To your sexual consent?

All of this is a sordid scam industry targeting teenagers and vulnerable people who don't know how IT works.


@af yeah. Especially for someone in sociology it most be horrific to study those networks that are basically a continual societal nightmare unfolding, and - given their scale, and ignorance or neglect of those people using them - a feeling of powerlessness and despair.

I share(d) the feeling and frustration, but have come to terms with it.

As long as I can make small contributions on the solution-side that's progress. And progress matters, no matter how small.

@humanetech That’s… the first time someone else understands this. Yeah I see people screaming, begging for help, usually both. People having given up on claiming their humanity. And “influencers” centralizing crucial information there, becoming complicit of this crime.

And my family didn’t understand why I’d spent so much time on Facebook and Twitter. First because I was a victim of this capitalistic rationality that science has turned into foucaldian biopower. Then because I wanted to understand.

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