would you like to have an easier way to find, manage and invoke based on an allowlist that you or your instance controls? Implemented in the client UI preferably.

For example to help you remember that @Chartodon by @ColinTheMathmo will diagram your heavily branched threaded conversation.

I created a comment on for a feature related to this. See: fediverse.town/t/what-features

Do you think such feature is useful?


Those fedizens who've chosen No, because they hardly use bots anyway:

Are you aware of what bots are available to you, and how they may be of service? I know that I don't have a complete overview.

on the could you respond and introduce your bot project to this thread?

If they are then I will also add them to the developer watchlist at: git.feneas.org/feneas/fedivers

Boosts appreciated.. 🙏

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