@kate Looks like they're desperate for funds. It is alarming, and we should support ff somehow.
If ff fails, the web will remain chromium-only (except maybe caves of gemini). That would leave google alone to set all the rules. Somewhat doomsday scenario. So don't be too picky and keep supporting ff. If they fail in funding, we all will get ads in chromium address bar or something worse.

@dudenas @kate As far as I'm concerned Google is already setting all the rules!

I wish Mozilla the best of luck in holding this back as long as possible, but unfortunately they find themselves having to make these compromises. I don't think they can do what it takes to save the web without losing what influence they still have...

@alcinnz @kate

Another thing - open source software, especially as crucial as ff, can be clearly classified as public good. It is weird how there is no political will to appreciate and fund it. At least in countries I see. Is it because there is no demand from voters? Maybe there is demand, but not yet articulated?

@strypey @dudenas @alcinnz @kate @onepict @humanetech

Except that roads and bridges are not exactly virtual or electronic infrastructure, just to add to the confusion.. Tell a politician about virtualization and they immediately think about money.

@strypey @dudenas @alcinnz @kate @onepict @humanetech
Perhaps the Common Browser proposal should open with the line: The Common Browser Programme is not about money.

@strypey @dudenas @alcinnz @kate @onepict @humanetech @aral

So far just the idea has been floated, but apparently the need for it will become real. I would be very interested in this, also as an antidote to those who claim that open source is automagically commons, because most of the open sources have not been created by commoners. (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elinor_O )

@gert @strypey @dudenas @alcinnz @kate @onepict @aral

Slightly OT.. I saw that Drew Devault started working on visurf, based on NetSurf and intends to create a HTML + CSS framework specifically targeted to smaller browsers as 1st-class citizens.


@humanetech Relatedly I'm actively preparing to start implementing my own visual web browser (first targetting TVs & eReaders). I've already got auditory working very nicely!

I like targetting unusual human interface devices, provides me interesting constraints to keep me disciplined...

@gert @strypey @dudenas @kate @onepict @aral


Super great to hear! I greatly admire your efforts.

Besides constraining you to appropriate scope, I think these are wonderful places to start as on these more locked-in devices our agency is taken away in ways that are harder to overcome.

I pray every day to 6,000 gods that my dumb TV does not break down, and I have to go in search of another 2nd-hand model that is not an ad-infested surveillance capitalism nightmare.

@gert @strypey @dudenas @kate @onepict @aral

@humanetech @gert @strypey @dudenas @kate @onepict @aral The other aspect especially when it comes to TVs is the question of what entertainment we can still enjoy outside of those "modern" devices...

Ofcourse there's "piracy"...



YESS! DRM-free and the kinds of non-corporate quality and often personal content that the 'modern web' makes harder and harder for us to find :)

@gert @strypey @dudenas @kate @onepict @aral

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