I just wrote a plea on to think broader than just adding Groups support to the

Some apps support Groups, others just added them, like

But Groups are more of a technical concern. On fedi we have Communities just like in the real world. Community is key, but also *the space between* communities where social interactions take place.

I imagine a paradigm shift that can lift fediverse to new heights: "Community has no Boundary"


@humanetech “The space between” is an important concept. On the Small Web, where every instance is an instance of one, public space is the space between individually-owned and controlled nodes.


@humanetech (We’re conditioned from tangible space to think of public space as a place. In the digital/networked realm, public space is the aggregate of the interconnections between sovereign nodes.)


@aral yes! It is 'the glue' of the as it were. And it represents how we "do social" in the real world.

I imagine the to evolve towards a hybrid model of , where there are server instances that host small to medium-sized communities, and more and more individual people connecting with their personal devices in fashion.

The nodes and servers themselves will be more of the technnical infrastructure layer. A 'community fabric' is layered on top of that.

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