Yesterday a brief breath of fresh air with lasting a full 6 hours. We need more clean air online.

Just now this was brought to my attention: A to support the whistleblower who decided to make her identity public.

Help end

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@humanetech Just FYI: “ The Facebook Whistleblower, Frances Haugen, Says She Wants to Fix the Company, Not Harm It … ‘If people just hate Facebook more because of what I’ve done, then I’ve failed’ … ‘I don’t hate Facebook,’ she wrote. ‘I love Facebook. I want to save it.’”

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@aral Aha, wasn't aware. And of course strongly disagree with her there.

Apart from that in general whistleblower protection is a good thing imo, even if the person involved has motives that not fully align.

@humanetech @aral

Shovels and compost are need to grow flowers is a huge pile of fresh shit that needs shovaling.

@aral I think she wants to sell a book. We have known for some time FB and such give 2 fucks about ANYTHING other than $$

@aral Think she's probably trained to say these things to make her testimony more "credible" to the senators (and the non-tech public). Who knows what she's actually thinking?


Yea, just learned via Aral that she has quite different motives wrt FB, that I don't agree with ("save FB"). But a whistleblower is a whistleblower and their leaks - ammunition to help end FB, in this case - are important regardless of their personal stance.

@humanetech If only we had a choice in life what to crowd fund, those who keep us all sharp or those who "love Facebook."


The act of whistleblowing is important, though. Regardless of who blows the whistle, if they are always just destroyed by a corporation or government there'll be no one willing to come forward in future.

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