Yesterday a brief breath of fresh air with lasting a full 6 hours. We need more clean air online.

Just now this was brought to my attention: A to support the whistleblower who decided to make her identity public.

Help end

@humanetech Just FYI: “ The Facebook Whistleblower, Frances Haugen, Says She Wants to Fix the Company, Not Harm It … ‘If people just hate Facebook more because of what I’ve done, then I’ve failed’ … ‘I don’t hate Facebook,’ she wrote. ‘I love Facebook. I want to save it.’”

#facebook #whistleblower #FrancesHaugen #BigTech #SurveillanceCapitalism


@aral Aha, wasn't aware. And of course strongly disagree with her there.

Apart from that in general whistleblower protection is a good thing imo, even if the person involved has motives that not fully align.

@humanetech @aral

Shovels and compost are need to grow flowers is a huge pile of fresh shit that needs shovaling.

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