I realized there is no wikipedia page in chinese for the fediverse. I wonder what the best way to change that would be. came across this thread in the old mastodon issues talking about how to even translate the word fediverse into chinese in the first place github.com/mastodon/mastodon/i

@liaizon I have the feeling that even the English pages about on might be further improved. Though some recent improvements have been made. It is nice to see the protocol overview graphic that was added.

@humanetech yeah this would be a really good thing for a community hackathon day, improve all the wikipedia pages about the fediverse in as many languages as possible...

@humanetech @liaizon well, you're in luck; there's currently an ongoing Wikipedia conference called wikiconference north america. anyone can sign up and hold a lightning talk. lemme know if you're interested

@danielhglus @humanetech @liaizon

Replying to follow updates. This could be a really cool example of organizing a group activity via fedi.

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