Don't know if this is already a thing, but I think I may start to refer to websites that have been designed to work without as or - maybe better still - sites.

Until now I mentioned "no js" in the footer, but "sans-js" / "sans-script" looks like a term that's more likely to stick.

Boosting welcomed..

Do you think so too ? Let's .. what is best:

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@kropot darn, forgot to enter that to the poll (well.. no free entries anyway), but may be something of a think, I now realize.

Wrt the label, another reason why I rather not use it, is because it comes very close to . People with dyslexia may even read it that way, idk.

@humanetech well, yes, that's the point. Script can be general. With WASM, it seems even more sensible to talk about "Scripts" in a general sens.


Agreed. I like as it has a bit of tongue-in-cheek with likeness to font names, but I regret not adding to the poll as it may have been a winner 😵

@humanetech @kropot Agreed. Plus, when you're talking/listening rather than writing/reading, NodeJS often already sounds like NoJS

@humanetech I think if I saw "SansScript" I might think it's some new JS superset or something ;)

@humanetech When you say "work without JavaScript" do you mean "there is no JavaScript here" or "visitors won't be penalised for not running the js that is here"?

fwiw i think both are valid and complementary approaches.

@petrichor I was referring mostly to the first, but indeed both are valid.

If you use JS to spice up a page, then ensuring there's proper fallback for those who blocked it should be part of the best-practiced that is being followed.

It is good that you say that, because for the latter case I find better fitting terminology than

No JS is more confusing as to what it means. Sans Script is also not perfect, but that is also more of a 'branding' issue. People'll familiarize..


I.e. connotation:

: "We don't have script" or "We support you without script"

: "There's no JS here"

@eris @humanetech Sans dissapproves of your javascript spinner button


Nice artwork. I guess it falls into the "Something else.." category of the poll 😆

blocky low-res image in black and white, showing a person in suit and tie with a ghostly skeletal head and wide grin.

@humanetech When you look at the success of Comic Sans 😒

@Yop but that leaves untouched the potential grand success of Sans Comic 😃

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