Great blog by @m3me about movement.

Though I loved being part of it, my experience of Occupy at the time was that is was too much of a "cacophony of different opinions" and therefore unlikely to bring lasting change. Let alone the revolutionary impact that some expected.

But Mat's article made me realize that something unique happened, which until now I didn't fully realize. A thing of incredible beauty. What Occupy brought forth was… People!




The real human beings that we are. We all dropped the masks that we wore professionally or that status and outward appearances required us to wear. And became united. We became the same as the person next to us, regardless of the position society had placed us in. We walked out of the boundary box of our class, dogma's and belief and saw true people all around us.


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The bum on the street was talking with the businessman in suit, the baker engaged with the office clerk, and they were finding common ground. Social strata disappeared. In hindsight all of this was a unique experience.

And that is where lasting change was indeed created. The experience lives on in countless ways, and the power of the people, that human force, lies dormant. Always.. even now. It breathes, and is awake.


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