It's less than a month till #Christmas, and we all know that this means having to buy #gifts for #family and #friends, often with zero idea about what they want. Such a stressful thing to do!
But, hey, this year will be different: this year you can install #Presents to keep track of your #wishes, make them public for everyone that want to make you a good gift and, at the same time, search for what your friends really desire.
Say goodbye to Christmas-panic, say welcome to Presents!


I subscribed! Is there a public issue tracker where I can add some feature requests? Also: where is the source code hosted?

My ideas:


- Dark theme integration with automatic toggling according to system theme
- a plug-in or an option to do “Secret Santa” with your group of friends, by making the program automatically drawing names and notifying users via email (as of right now, there is no well-developed open source service that does this. Take a look at and
- #ActivityPub and/or #Solid integration would be a dream made true

@tommi @lezsoft actually the "Secret Santa" feature would really be super cool! Surely to add to the todo-list


@leo_mantooo @tommi @lezsoft

Nice idea, indeed.

Btw, I just re-discovered this open alternative (dunno how far you are on your replacement quest):

(Via: )

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@humanetech thank you! We were planning to use AppWrite ( but since we are still in an early stage of development we'll take a look to Supabase to see if it better fits our needs

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