, while we shaped a great place to be, we are sitting ducks for disruption by corporates where Metaverses are now the talk of the day.

We need broad vision to move forward, to ensure our relevance into the future, to inspire and become more united in our quest.

We do a lot of talking and we could do with more walking. Coordinated action.

I might be dreamy or crazy, but am afraid we squander the huge potential we have.

Let's build worlds, my fellow fedizens.


@bhaugen maybe the Sci-Fi Economics Lab and the idea to have a fedi initiative based on it may appeal in the context of valueflo.ws and @bonfire to explore.

I know it is a bit vague as to "what should we do with this initiative?". But I see it as opportunity to think radically out-of-the-box. First just in storytelling / imagining, but followed with concrete tech support for better worlds, brighter futures.

PS. Wrt my imagination goes to mercuryos.com/

@humanetech @bhaugen @bonfire I don't think it's possible for the #Fediverse to compete with #BigTech.

For that we need new ways of organizing developers, such that they can work in and on the #Fediverse on projects, that can rival the #developers at #BigTech.

@csddumi @bhaugen @bonfire

I agree. I mentioned my view on that in another branch on this thread. I think fedi should find their own path independently and not be 'distracted' by Big Tech at all. And grow from own strength.

One big step forwards would be if we considered the fedi as a whole to be the alternative to Big Tech, and not individual apps (we have too much app focus now, imho). This is where is going towards.

I wrote something along similar lines in socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

@humanetech @bhaugen @bonfire I'm trying such a new way of organizing #developers by gathering a group of young programmers, who work together on a project of our choice, instead of each of us working on our own projects.



Ha ha ha, I just reacted to your great follow-up and quoting you in this thread, without realizing that it was you who wrote lemmy post in the first place 😂

Wonderful response 💚
here we come:


I mentioned @gitea in my follow-up, because I think here is the seed of something great to emerge that didn't exist before, and together with @forgefriends new paradigms can be explored.

@bhaugen @bonfire

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@humanetech @gitea @forgefriends @bhaugen @bonfire

I must say, this kind of hints as something, that I've been missing in the fedi:

The ability to use one #Fediverse #Account on all #Fediverse services. I.e. writing a Lemmy post, uploading a video to #PeerTube, etc. all with my #Mastodon Account.

The way I think about it, it'd be different from #OAuth, because you'd not use one account to create/authenticate another, but have one account for all the services on the #Fediverse .

This'd of course require some under the hood coordination, to proof that a given #activitypub object is created by the user it says it is.
(Something that currently, I think, is verified by the instance).

And there would have to be agreement as to where an #activitypub object should be stored:
On the serivce's instance or on the account instance?

(If I create a post on Lemmy, should that post be stored on Lemmy or on norden.social, my #mastodon instance?)

If the home-instance stores everything, that solves the problem of proving authenticity of #activitypub objects.

And service's would become only the generators of #activitypub objects subsequently sent to the home instance to be stored.

"Everything" meaning the #ActivityPub objects. Large Media Files (#PeerTube videos) could still be stored on the #instance hosted for that, but the #ActivityPub objects that proof their authenticity would be on the home instance.

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