Why don't we use to distinguish our fork in the movement from the non-inspirational ?

Why do we even need the analogy of a spider's Web where typically flies are caught. Captured, wrapped in, then sucked from their juices, their life flowing out from them.

Let's move beyond . We are about doing right, do you agree?

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Btw, also reflect upon the difference between and ..

The cold emotionless Neo lives in the Meta Verse doing meta things.

We can have a Social Fabric instead where real humans have some real human interaction, uplifting humanity.

The metaverse is all squares and sharp corners. Hard, harsh. Corporate monoliths that reach to the skies. It is Altered Carbon.

The Social Fabric is soft, flexible, organic, intricate and beautiful. Towns and villages and friendly people.

I like that. Although from a mythological point of view spiders were weavers (Arachne etc) They also form an important ecological function Don't hate on the arachnids 😉. We have in mythology the idea of everyone's fate being woven from the beginning etc. But the idea of weaving our own communities and creating our social fabric appeals. We gain back our creative control of our content through community. #socialfabric

We also need to bring back the idea the Internet being more than the Web. Folks build complex services on the Web because the browser is a common application and there's no need to install additional software. But often these services are broken and not accessible or have very limited poorly implemented accessibility.

We need to create systems that can access Internet services without needing a browser. @dentangle and I were discussing this a few nights ago.

@onepict @humanetech @dentangle that would enable accessing services without running one of the behemoths that current browsers became.

Public APIs are great. There need to be incentives to also keep them simple.

Yep, interoperability is all fundamental to this. For too long have the big companies sought to lock folks in. In an ideal world it should not matter what people use as their clients, but those clients to need to talk to other clients. So yes more public APIs and our governments need to enforce interoperability.
@humanetech @dentangle

@onepict @ArneBab @humanetech @dentangle On the web, the idea of the generic client has unfortunately been killed by the infinitely extensible client.

That's also why browsers are growing into monsters, because they also need to support infinite use cases client side. It's also why we have the security issues we do, because we've built a huge attack surface full of holes like a swiss cheese, instead of building many small clients.

@jens @onepict @ArneBab @humanetech @dentangle All thanks to Microsoft who has always been screwing the open standards. Now everyone does it.

@humanetech Yes #Social #decentralization with some partial answers below ( and welcome to chat anytime)

- Thigns already give shape themself (people or computers in a line that looks connected like a spider web or as pillars or as light reflectors, many things)

- People also throw themselve in holes (helped by others incentivising it and connect it to food)

I agree it's the right way in any case and many of us have food AND understand it's manipulation with onnected forces.

I am dedicated and want to figure it - and let me know when you all can chat 1-to-1 / 1-to-Many!

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