@NGIZero heard from 2 splendid projects, and not eligible for a grant to add support and become part of the

As federated projects come I consider these to be especially relevant and important for our ecosystem and fedi evolution.

Does this indicate a change in direction at in terms of funding fediverse-related innovation? Or was it just a too crowded field in the last call and next time better luck?

Is there a list of accepted proposals?

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@Humane Tech Now  I would love to see Discourse federate with other Discourse instances.

@ponytail @NGIZero

I just asked on the forum if this grant rejection has impact on their plans with regards to the federation plugin development.

@humanetech we have made no statement as to if we were accepted, or not. the person who posted "news" is not affiliated with gitea or nlnet (as far as I can tell). the last thing we said was that we were awaiting to hear back, and non NLnet folk let us know they were very busy due to raising more funds, as well as putting on a large gpg event. When we have something to say, either positive or negative, it will come from official sources.

@gitea ah, sorry about me misunderstanding, and thank you for your elaboration!

@humanetech no worries. it's the holidays for many gitea maintainers, so lots of us have been away from keyboard.

@gitea yea, but I was too quick myself.

Also apologies to @NGIZero though my question was purely informative of nature, and not critical in any way.

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