That's the name I'll use for to distinguish from the old web where we lose agency, and from Web3 and Dweb that coopted

A web that empowers and people are in control of their life their freedom and their destiny. A place where society can flourish online. Where humans not only interact, but act and do together.

Fedi is that weaves a and you are part of it. We buld this thing together. All of us.


Also, with regard to the social layer, #WebOfConsent was put forward by @cwebber in 2019. Both great terms

The rationale for "user" is defining the person as the recipient of benefits conforming to contract law, but when the person doesn't have real choices about entering such agreements, the terms and implications become impossible to comprehend and the contracts get written to systemically reduce the benefits to the vanishing point, then it becomes apparent that the lens is disingenuous. It's difficult to make that case though, because this contract lens is an aspect of feudalism that managed to become become embedded in liberal democracy

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