So I am a shitty chap, and didn't want to spend too much time on this. But for half an hour work, this is okay'ish.

Happy 👩‍🌾 dear Fedizens. Onwards to the splendid year of 🌄

Inspired by the hashtags on @PaulaToThePeople and with a CC0 clipart to go from, here's a pic for you.

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I'm not sure what the #fedivolution is about. Is it about giving back to fediverse community and bringing unity?

If this is, maybe the logo should hint this idea somehow.

Another suggestion would be to get rid of borders, because modern logos (and arguably the best ones) are typically flat, minimalist and border-less.

But don't pay too much attention to me. Design is subjective, so I may be wrong. 😄

@adnan360 @PaulaToThePeople

The borders are there because of my limited time and skills both. Couldn't find quickly where they came from after breaking the path apart. On Lemmy I put a link to the source SVG clipart, so you might fiddle with it as well :)

@adnan360 yes, that. And anything you can make of it. We built this space together and we can make it ever better still.

The fun of the hashtag, brainstormed by @PaulaToThePeople is that it can refer to a and an at the same time, and probably both are needed to get go from a shallow techweb (say, a ) to a .

I like the hashtag #Peopleverse because it gives a hint that it is something related to FB/social media, but something opposite of it. Sounds more like a revolution and a new way of thinking.


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