@tommi posed an idea for a database in


And also on


Candidate existing platforms to build from are @bookwyrm and @inventaire

But why fork, and create separate independent projects? Imho it would be great if there was a generic Fediverse Directory platform, with which you can create collections of any type of item, be they or or what-have-you.

With plugins for templates + widgets.

@humanetech @tommi @bookwyrm @inventaire
Could we build the generic collection software in a way that we could also make collections of (activist) groups?

Like the list we made of digital groups in our city. Which we could use for much more cities and many more topics.

@naturzukunft Thanks. Danke für den Tipp.

That looks promising. Also because they collaborate with systems that already know many organizations (like WeChange). Filling the databases will be as hard as designing the databases and UI.

Do you know how far they are? Could I look up which groups in Bonn they know or could I add groups somewhere?

@AKDiWa Since I am the developer, I know quite well where they stand ,-) At the moment the work on loa stagnates a bit, because I was dissatisfied with the database and planned to switch to activityPub anyway. So in the last weeks I put all my effort into a rdf-pub server solution, a preAplha release should be published today.
After that, the adaptation and extension of the KarteVonMorgen adapter is on the agenda.

however, loa /rdf-pub are at the beginning and both have rather prototype status

@naturzukunft The quiet days around the holidays can be surprisingly productive. 😎

@humanetech once mentioned a similar, but more map/GIS focused project. At least if I understood it right, their homepage was even less comprehensible for a normal bloke like me. Cannot find the bookmark.

Thanks. Yes, that is the one. Apparently I had forgotten to bookmark it.


@AKDiWa @naturzukunft

That's a project meant to turn the burden of collecting lists around. Instead of collectors gathering stuff from all over the place, anyone can publish a Profile to an index and other people can subscribe to that index. Then, based on metadata they subscribed to e.g. a "Theme" or a "Movie type" or whatever, they will receive Profiles from the index server which they can display as a list, or do whatever they want with.

For Movies you would create a fitting Movie Profile.

@humanetech @naturzukunft
It would be good to have both pathways to include data.

Given my experience making a list of digital groups in Bonn I expect that most of the data will come from people or communities working to make collections.

I made quite a bit a publicity, Still nearly all entries were made by me and as far as I could judge also other people making entries were not adding themselves, but missing groups they knew.

@AKDiWa @naturzukunft

is interesting to be federated. Then there's no centralized index server, but anyone can spin one up on the and index server instances only collect Profiles which are interesting to the people who host these instances.

One instance might be themed "SciFi movies" and another one "Documentaries". Most stuff in the latter will not federate to the first, but "SciFi Making-Of" documentairies would federate. So index servers also subscribe to metadata.

@humanetech @AKDiWa That is the plan with #loa i'll try to manage the data as objects in the #rdfpub server. open question is how anather party can query the objects of an actor. the first solution i think will work with a public collection. But there are a lot of open questions. one step after the other 😂

@humanetech @AKDiWa That was something i was thinking about at the beginning of LOA. i thougt using SOLID therefore. But i think it's a dream, that everyone is managing it's profile. However, loa will be able to collect data fom different sources in future. "just" another adapter ;-)

@naturzukunft @AKDiWa

There's no need for anyone managing their own Profile. Profiles are created by ppl who have knowledge to do so. Once available you choose from a library where they can be just applied by anyone for their resource aggregation.

What offers is a kind of editor where you load a Profile and get a UI to fill in the medata details of it.

Upon saving you get a snippet of to integrate on your html page. This could all be integrated, seamless experience.

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