@gitea and are both amazing pieces of software that are often borderline unusable simply for the lack of proper documentation. :/

Prometheus doesn't document PromQL syntax and pretty much doesn't document anything I'd need to debug a longstanding issue that keeps freezing it so thoroughly nothing except kill -9 works.

For the thing my last attempt at debugging was to set it up to report metrics, but literally every single metric always has the same value with things like memory use (which is shown in the admin UI) not being reported at all.

Gitea also seems to have a federation feature now – something I've wanted since I first deployed it – but the only thing about it that's documented is how to activate it – so I have no clue how to actually use this and what I have to look out for… :<

@phryk github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu the Gitea end-user docs are also very much non-existent. docs.codeberg.org has a better coverage, but is far from complete, too.

Federation is currently being developed, so I suppose there is not much to show off.

@codeberg Codeberg is still gitea? I thought you migrated away from it… 🤔

@phryk We are running a Gitea fork with some custom additions, but mostly cosmetic. Codeberg still follows Gitea's stable release schedule and development, trying to contribute if possible.

@codeberg Nice, so I'll be able to hand in PRs from my instance to projects on Codeberg and the other way around when the federation features are done. 👍

@phryk Yes, that's what we are looking forward to, hoping to see federation in other software in the future, too, e.g. #GitLabCE etc

@codeberg Ye, and if gitea and gitlab could end up with *compatible* federation features, that'd be great, tho I'm really not sure what the chances of that are…

Still, looking forward to federated code hosting – would probably open registrations on my instance, too.

Right now that just doesn't make sense because there's only my projects (and a couple mirrors) on it – which also currently makes those extremely insular as you can't even create issues for them and that's a pretty meh situation…

@phryk Gitea federation is about to be implemented using ActivityPub, so it should not be impossible to make this the de-facto standard for code hosting federation.

For allowing users to collaborate on local instances, you might want to have a try with OAuth registration.

@codeberg @phryk Git federation via ActivityPub? Where can I learn more about this?

At this stage, probably only in their respective issues trackers:



Those two are the main ones, I think, but there's a couple more.

// @codeberg


@phryk @nilesh @codeberg

And you can also check the @forgefriends community dedicated to federation between forges in general. They spent part of their own funding to get federation going again (it was an open issue for a long time).

@dachary of is making upstream PR's of his progress as forgefriends uses Gitea as a library.



There'll be a webinar 19 January. Agenda is not yet final but here's info: forum.forgefriends.org/t/forge

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