"Fediverse: Peopleverse!"

That's the way I'll campaign for and advocate it to others.

Notions of and have in common that they lack humanity.

People, humans, mankind.. that's fedi right there.

There's the slogans of fedizens and to help with that. Weaving a together.

I'll also use and where appropriate to highlight specific characteristics.

Rise of the

The is the excellent opportunity to uniquely position the once and for all.

Of course we keep Fediverse as the name. It'll become just as familiar to people as 'web' and 'internet'. And when folks hear it, they'll instantly know something is going on on the peopleverse!

Something most likely worthwhile and of value.

Fediverse: A Network for Humanity (est 201X)


When defining we feel its best to use predefined words. Appending 'verse' the way you have, acknowledges the #dotCon, which should not be involved in our #logos (Greek for #identifyingLexicon, if memory serves).

Yes, we are talking about the name Fediverse though. Not the idea behind it.

Out of interest when was the phrase ActivityPub first coined?

Was everything good started in 2009? Btc, fediverse, occupy, cloudfla—

Maybe not.

Thanks. It would be great to see something in the #WaybackMachine about Fediverse back then. If anyone finds something please share.

@humanetech maybe leave off the "est." part.

Yes. Intuitively when we were reading up on the history of decentralised social media we could see that something very seedy had happened with respect to #theInternet especially from 2013-2015, and #Diaspora was in the crosshairs it seems.

Then again we may be wrong to assume the attack ended in 2015. In Australia, 2015 was the year our govt said internet connections would be recorded (?), so a #chillingEffect, attack only just started here at that time.


@yes @humanetech
For us moving forward, #Epicyon is looking good, as an instance that is not only lightweight, but federates out-of-the-box over #I2P and can operate without JavaScript OOTB, too (no need to use #Bloat for example).


Nope, there's no dotcon association. Metaverse is entirely irrelevant to us. You can forget about it.

Future wikipedia:

a portmanteau of "people" and "universe" to denote the online social space spun up by the and its open standards, where people and their human interactions are truly central. The peopleverse is widely understood to be the first truly social fabric, in contrast to traditional social media that came before, that treated people more as cattle 😜

Yes, unfortunately 'pplverse' does feel corporatised. Or like a recruitment agency.

We've always felt Fediverse is a #beautiful word/phrase, beating the commonly referred to 'Cellar door'.

There's the added issue that Fediverse has some great, helpful #bots, like MitiGator for example. By saying peopleverse it makes #botServices seem illegitimate.


@Hexman Unfortunately, although I use Hubzilla and Zap, I have to say the image is not correct. Hubzilla does not show video from Peertube or event from Mobilizon, so the connecting line should be dashed at least. Maybe more connecting lines are just theorethical protocol support but in fact the delivery does not work or the message is not interpreted right.
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