I've been thinking how to publish workshops, events etc. for me and for local #ExtinctionRebellion groups. No libre option fit, and #mobilizon doesn't have Hebrew translation/instances yet (but I'm working on it), so I made my own little static website with PureCSS and Hakyll! Now I realize I've just gained skills and confidence to make the UI for a Vervis client!

And I see forge federation work being done, especially with #Gitea. Exciting! The dream isn't far ^_^

Since I have a place (for) now etc., I've been considering to quietly continue ForgeFed work and see how it goes. No promises but I'm considering it. Trying to focus on simple life, nature, people, personal healing. And climate crisis activism! And figuring out workshops I wish to organize (the hard part for me is getting actual people to actually attend them).

Oh and planning to stop using a mobile phone yay! A bit scary but one of the many advantages is being 100% free software (well, excluding laptop bootloader which isnt #libreboot sadly but there's hope, and JS on the web, time to enable librejs?)

@fr33domlover I'm willing to help co-maintain forgefed to keep it moving. Would you agree to share this responsibility with me?


Hi there @fr33domlover very nice to hear about your renewed interest. I don't know if you are aware that is stopping operation very soon, and the forum with forgefed discussion will shut down.

@dachary is admin on forum where a community of several forge federation projects is coming together.

He can facilitate a migration with @jaywink and Bill Auger before its too late.

See also this discussion on Feneas forum:

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